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WaterFleet has the answer. First gallon to full build out is possible with our scalable solutions and unique permit process.

If your issue is a requirement for temporary by-pass treatment equipment while your existing plant is being repaired, or during high flow periods, we can help there too.



The Reclaimer Rig is a mobile wastewater treatment system that can treat up to 3,000 gallons/day per unit. WaterFleet can operate this system under your permit or a temporary reuse permit from the 1st gallon to 12,000 gallons/day.

• Eliminate Pump and Haul
• Small footprint
• Self-Contained
• On site and remote operation according to permit requirements available.
• Reclaim water quality available
• External equipment can be included as a package if needed
12,000 TO 15,000 GALLONS/DAY
• Modular designs allows for expansion as your
needs grow

• Can be temporary or act as 1st phase
• Flexible technologies available to meet permit
requirements and effluent standards

• On site and remote operation according to permit
requirements if needed

• Reclaim water quality available
• Also available for bypass treatment needs
• New residential developments
• Hotels and resorts
• Commercial developments
• New or expanding private utilities and districts
• Long term man camps
FlexTech engineered solutions
The Bridge – Remote monitoring, control & reporting
• Financial solutions including lease, rent, sale
• Installation
• Customer support


WaterFleet’s Flex-Tech approach brings engineering and science into the decentralized space to solve your wastewater treatment needs.
At WaterFleet we are pioneering decentralized wastewater treatment solutions with the introduction of FlexTech universal building block technology. Using building blocks, WaterFleet can bring the right treatment technology for the most cost-effective and efficient approach to your project. Our technology options are customizable, reliable, modular, and expandable.

We put our customer’s needs first, collaborating with stakeholders to determine the most cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions that will meet your development and regulatory requirements.

• Cost Effective
• Streamlined Process
• Highest performance for the money
Numerous Financial Options
Customer Focused Approach:
• Proper equipment for the site – reuse, discharge, land applied
• Stakeholder involvement
• Scalable System Designs
• Minimal on-site construction required
• Operator-friendly
• Reliable technology with minimal maintenance/strong>
• Access to The Bridge


Waterfleet’s Proprietary Command and Control Center
• Included with every plant we provide
• Centralized command center that is responsible for remote operation, data analytics, and technical support
• Utilizes proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) applications to build applications for remote control and data compilation
• Supports 24/7/365 technical troubleshooting
• Real time alarm response and optimization using AI


• Rental
• Lump sum purchase
• Term lease options
• Remove after use, or buyout available
• Supports 24/7/365 technical troubleshooting