Clean Drinking Water

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Worker illness

Unsafe site conditions
Compliance concerns
Plastic trash buildup

WaterFleet’s pioneering technology solves your critical need for safe, clean and reliable production and delivery of on-site drinking water, eliminating the environmental impact of hauling water and ice to remote worker sites.

Refresh'R Clean Drinking Water

What We Provide

Safe Drinking Water

We can produce verifiable drinking-quality water at the site to support the smallest to largest temporary populations.

Convenient Drinking Water Delivery

The Refresh’R drinking water kiosk can be located anywhere on the site to provide dispensable, perfectly-chilled water to the population.

Clean Drinking Water
Lab Drinking Water Testing

Complete Management and Compliance

WaterFleet operates, maintains, and organizes full compliance to standards, eliminating the hassle of workforce involvement in drinking water distribution.

The Process

Have a listen to how we put this system together on your site.