Clean Water. Where You Need It. When You Need It.

Who We Are

WaterFleet is a best-in-class service provider of mobile water and wastewater utility services, and workforce relief solutions.

We provide millions of gallons of verified potable water to thousands of workers every month. We process millions of gallons of domestic wastewater to a reusable standard, taking hundreds of trucks off the road and raising the quality of life of the workforce we affect.

Using state-of-the-art proprietary technology and trained technical staff, we solve human water needs in places where water and wastewater utilities are not available.

Who is WaterFleet? The first and the best to bring clean water. Where you need it. When you need it.

Deploys On Demand

WaterFleet has the people and the equipment necessary to deploy rapidly and safely where needed. We operate at hundreds of sites across thousands of miles everyday.

Innovates in the Industry

We invented the mobile utility concept and lead the industry. Radical Innovation is a cornerstone of WaterFleet. We were the first rig-based mobile water plant, providing simple solutions to complex water problems.

Controls Quality

Using automated controls and alarms, remote monitoring, data logging and dedicated staff, WaterFleet ensures our product is safe and backs that up with testing and data.

Practices Safe Standards

WaterFleet meets or exceeds regulatory standards and reporting in every deployment. Licensed operators, trained water technicians, calibration standards and more are part of the way WaterFleet stands above reproach with every gallon delivered.

Serves Communities

WaterFleet’s primary mission is to serve the worker in difficult environments with clean water on demand. In the process, we positively affect the communities around those work sites by reducing pollution, truck traffic, and demand on other utilities.

Stewards of the Environment

With hundreds of millions of gallons recycled for beneficial reuse and millions of pounds of carbon footprint avoided, WaterFleet stands proud as a friend of the environment.

24/7 water quality assurance

What We Do

On-Site Potable Water

Our mobile utility services bring you millions of gallons of clean water wherever you need it.

Clean Drinking Water

Water treated to EPA drinking water standards, delivered directly to the worker, hassle free.

Wastewater Treatment

Domestic wastewater treatment on-site that eliminates haul off and provides cleaner living conditions at your site.

Portable Workforce Relief

Life is hard enough on remote work sites, that’s why we provide climate- controlled restrooms and break rooms, built tough to handle tough use.

Where We Serve

WaterFleet was the first to provide mobile water utility services in places you would never imagine could have clean water, and we continue to expand those benefits to multiple industries. Explore all the areas we support with our mobile utility services.

Oil & Gas

The competitively-priced, pioneering solution to complete drilling and frac site water and sewer management.


Supporting commercial and industrial construction sites with drinking water, ice, and complete workforce relief.

Emergency Services

Our solutions are perfect for emergency response camps where responders need to live or operate on a temporary basis.

Interim Utility Support

Temporary water or sewer processing that allows you to start building sooner, or repair a system without pumping and hauling.

How We Do It

Water Rig

Mobile utility service for potable & drinking water needs.

Reclaimer Rig

Wasterwater processing service for sewer management needs.

Reliever Rig

Skid-deployed industrial restroom facility for large populations.

Refresh’R Rig

Elite portable drinking water station.


Mobile climate-controlled solution for workforce relief.

Reliever-Mini Rig

Compact industial restroom facility.


What WaterFleet has done is designed a water system that will provide a quality of life at the drilling rig level that these guys have never had before.

Scott Cone

President of Privately Owned Oil & Gas Exploration Company

If I ever told the guys that we would ever get rid of WaterFleet and go back to the way we use to do they would probably kill me.

Joey Sims

Senior Drilling Superintendent

Having been deployed, 6 different times, in countries where we did not have water, or potable water. I can understand living in environments where clean water is the ultimate moral builder.

Christina Wilson

Sergeant First Class (SFC), US Army