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Before the term “ESG” was cool, WaterFleet was addressing ESG issues on remote work sites and in emergency response scenarios.

In fact, the ideals behind ESG are what our products and business plan were designed to address!

The ESG ‘movement’ has gained in popularity since our origins and has given us words and a matrix of goals to help us communicate what we already do for our customers and our communities.  And the good news is, we can measure the ESG impact for our clients when they choose WaterFleet’s services.

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Carbon Emissions

WaterFleet’s systems help our clients decrease their greenhouse gas and carbon emissions – and we can quantify and report it.

Greenhouse Gas Pollutants

Across our customer base, WaterFleet’s on site services save an estimated total of 12,000,000 pounds a year of harmful greenhouse gas pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere. 

Treated Water & Wastewater Reuse

To date, WaterFleet has processed over 200 million gallons of on-site water to potable drinking water standards and has successfully treated over 150 million gallons of wastewater on site for reuse. 

Reduce the Reliance on Bottled Water And The Related Waste

WaterFleet’s services help our clients reduce or eliminate the need for plastic bottled water and the related trash collection and disposal issues at work sites by providing access to clean drinking water and ice for workers on demand via the WaterRig.  

Tracking Emissions

WaterFleet tracks the emissions from our operations and utilizes the data to set internal performance standards.


Reduced Trucks On Our Roads

Heavy Haul trucking is a vital part of the infrastructure of America that moves goods all around our country, but unnecessary trucking comes with an expensive environmental and social cost!  By utilizing WaterFleet’s systems, our customers positively engage with their communities by significantly decreasing their impact on the local infrastructure by reducing  the amount of heavy haul truck traffic on the road, all while bringing a better quality of life to their workforce.


  • Over 11 million Heavy Haul truck miles saved to date.
  • Fewer Heavy truck miles reduces road wear and tear.
  • Fewer Heavy Trucks on the road promotes less traffic and brings a higher level of comfort and safety to those sharing the roads.

Improved Quality Of Life

WaterFleet improves the quality of life of our end users by bringing utilities, sanitation and health & wellness solutions to those that previously did not have access.


  • Providing verifiable clean potable drinking water in remote areas with the WaterRig and Refresh’Rs.
  • Providing sanitary waste water treatment solutions for water reuse on site via our Reclaimer Rig.
  • Using our Raft and Reliever Rigs, clients can provide clean, working restrooms, breakrooms and hand washing facilities in lieu of port-a-potties, no running water for washing hands, and flimsy “cooling trailers”.


ESG Strategy

WaterFleet is proud to have a dedicated ESG Committee that is responsible for our long term ESG strategy as well as implementing policies that drive accountability within our company, for our clients, and in the communities we serve. 

Alongside Regulators

WaterFleet’s compliance department works hand in hand with regulators and customers on a daily basis to ensure that our internal standards of excellence are upheld. WaterFleet maintains a strong relationship with regulators and views them as members of our team that are critical to our success and yours.

Leverage IoT Applications

WaterFleet leverages cutting edge IoT applications to gather extensive data that protects our customers and ensures our systems are providing a quality product 24/7 365, and we provide those results to our customers.  

Guided By Core Values

WaterFleet has defined Core Values that guide all of our decisions and assists every member of our team.