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The Refresh’R is WaterFleets revolutionary solution to the problem of remote population hydration. Safe, compliant drinking water delivered “kiosk” style at the OSHA approved temperature, all without the need for coolers, ice, and trucking. The Refresh’R, located where the population needs it, and backed up by WaterFleet’s water production and refill service, puts hydration opportunities where it is needed with significantly less hassle and waste, for a competitive cost.

Ready to deploy 24/7 for:

Oil & Gas



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Managed Distribution

WaterFleet services provide as many Refresh’Rs as you need and locates them for your population’s convenience. They are maintained and refilled by WaterFleet personnel, so that safe water, at the right temperature, is always there. This solution removes the burden of water distribution by the company, simplifying the workload while providing peace of mind.

Safety as a Priority

With Refresh’R services, water stored in the kiosk is secured and protected from the environment. WaterFleet assures that the storage system is always clean and provides testing to verify compliance and safety. When coupled with the Water Rig services, WaterFleet produces and distributes the water, further ensuring safety and compliance.

Simple and Effective

WaterFleet’s unique hydration services replace bottled water or water cooler trucking, distribution around the site, waste from partial use, and daily cooler or trash collection. The Refresh’R method is simple and effective and fully managed by WaterFleet personnel.

The Refresh’R answers environmental, social, and governance needs by preventing:

Worker Illness

Hydration via coolers requires thorough cleaning everyday, multiple hands touching the delivery spout, and a water and ice source that is verified safe. Any missteps create cause for concern and potential worker illness. WaterFleet’s unique hydration service removes those risks and puts the responsibility in the hands of qualified service managers.

Vehicle Traffic

Bottled water or cooler distribution means heavy trucks on the road and into populated areas, while further distribution around the site requires vehicles moving throughout the population. The Refresh’R service dramatically reduces the truck and vehicle traffic both on the road and at the site.


Water cooler service results in significant water waste due to ice making and pouring out of unused water every day. Bottled water service creates plastic waste that is expensive to keep track of and dispose. WaterFleet’s innovative hydration service eliminates the need to make ice, dump unused water, or use plastic.

Distribution-Related Injury

Lifting and manipulating heavy coolers or cases of water often puts workers at risk of injury. The Refresh’R service eliminates the need to lift any water, essentially removing that risk.