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WaterFleet uses The Reclaimer Rig, a self-contained micro wastewater treatment service, including collection, to create a minimal haul-out environment while providing a beneficial re-use water stream for your operation. In the process, this service reduces odors and the risk from on-site sewage storage, and risky truck traffic related to sewage hauling.

Ready to deploy 24/7 for:

Oil & Gas



Interim Utility

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On-Site Processing Capability

Our service can process sewage safely on-site and are completely managed by WaterFleet personnel, from collection through the discharge or re-use stage.

Eliminate Daily Storage and Hauling

With WaterFleet services, there is no need for raw sewage storage and daily pump truck traffic to haul it away. WaterFleet manages the collection and processing on-site, taking the nuisance of the old way off your hands.

We Meet Regulatory Standards

The Reclaimer Rig services provide compliant and tested processed water that can meet your permit discharge or re-use standards, using state-of-the-art technology, remote monitoring, testing, and reporting.

The Reclaimer Rig answers environmental, social, and governance needs by preventing:

Negative Worker/Resident Experience

By removing the need for on site raw sewage storage with the odors and spill risk that comes with it, workers or residents are freed from the direct impact of that unpleasant “old way” reality.

Truck Traffic Reduction

Truck traffic reduction is the goal of every company or neighborhood, especially ones that haul raw sewage. WaterFleet services dramatically reduce that hazard with on-site, compliant processing.

Water Waste

So often, wastewater is hauled away for processing elsewhere, while fresh water is hauled or piped in for on-site use purposes. The WaterFleet way reclaims the wastewater back to a freshwater stream that can be re-used.

Non-Compliance Risks

With storage of raw sewage, or even unmonitored on-site processing, the risk of discharges that do not meet standards can put companies at risk. WaterFleet’s 24/7/365 remote monitoring, state-of-the-art processing systems, and licensed operators solve this with verified compliance.