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For worker populations in the dozens to thousands, WaterFleet brings best-in-class solutions for office utilities, worker hydration, and relief stations.

Temporary Office Utilities

The WaterFleet Way eliminates the difficulty of non-potable water in your offices and sewage storage and haul off. We use your source to produce and distribute potable water on-site while collecting and processing sewage to a reuse standard for dust suppression and other industrial uses.

Site Hydration Re-imagined

With WaterFleet’s Refresh’R kiosk and on-site drinking water production, there is no longer a need for the cumbersome water cooler production and distribution hassle, or plastic bottle trash from single-use containers.

WaterFleet RefreshR

Workforce Relief Done Right

Using WaterFleet’s Reliever and RAFT services, you can provide your workers with climate-controlled, fully-flushing restroom facilities, hand washing stations, and break areas. WaterFleet uses its mobile utility services to provide potable water to these innovative units, and process the sewage from them, creating the full solution to next level workforce relief.