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The Reliever Rig is an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution for restrooms on construction and emergency management sites. When paired with our industry-leading Water and Reclaimer Rigs, The Reliever Rig offers unparalleled workforce relief while enhancing health, productivity, safety, and sustainability. Unique features include separate, climate-controlled restrooms with flushing toilets for men and women, indoor and outdoor hand washing stations, and a safety shower.

Ready to deploy 24/7 for:

Oil & Gas



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High Capacity

The Reliever Rig can provide services for up to 500 people per shift, making it an excellent restroom station for gathering areas such as lunch tents.


The Reliever has fully-functioning restroom facilities for men and women that includes private toilet areas, hand washing sinks inside and out, hand dryers, and a safety shower/eye wash station.

Savings On Unsanitary Alternatives

The Reliever solution removes the need to rent portable toilets for most areas, while providing the opportunity to reuse water.

The Reliever Rig answers environmental, social, and governance needs by preventing:

Relief Anxiety

When portable toilets are the only choice for relief, they are often avoided, creating an uncomfortable, less productive worker. With The Reliever restrooms, workers get a comfortable restroom area, making it an easy choice in a difficult environment.

Unsanitary Conditions

It is often the case that limited hand washing capability exists on remote sites, leaving the population with little recourse to sanitize after a restroom break or before lunch. The Reliever Rig comes with hot and cold running water at large hand wash basins, both inside and outside for convenience. Hand soap and hand dryers add to the safety and convenience.

Environmental Stress

Portable toilets require pump outs and processing of difficult chemically-treated sludge, putting burdens on wastewater treatment plants and the environment. The WaterFleet solution processes on-site and returns the clean, compliant water to the industrial operation, savings millions of gallons of water a year.

Worker Dissatisfaction

Good help is hard to find and keeping them is even harder. Providing a better work experience can lead to better worker retention. The Reliever is a work experience game changer.