On-Site Potable Water

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Worker illness

Unsafe site conditions
Compliance concerns
Plastic trash buildup

WaterFleet’s innovative approach provides the ultimate solution to safe, clean water to support living quarters and restrooms.

What We Provide

Verified Potable Water

WaterFleet can take your non-potable source and deliver a purified and chlorinated potable source under pressure directly to your connection points.

Safety and Convenience

With the WaterFleet Way, you get a safety shower, eye wash, water filling station, and 500 lbs/day of ice using that same clean, fresh source, right at our rig!

Quality Assurance

WaterFleet monitors, logs, tests, and reports the results of our process to you and regulators in full transparency so you can be assured of the water quality.

The Process

Have a listen to how we put this system together on your site.