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Mobile utility solution for potable & drinking water needs.

The Water Rig is a patented, self-contained water processing service that uses multi-step treatment to eliminate harmful contaminants, including solids, bacteria, viruses, and spores, providing abundant verifiable potable water and ice every day.

Ready to deploy 24/7 for:

Oil & Gas



Interim Utility

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Verifiable Potable Water on Demand

WaterFleet can use your on-site water source. We connect to your well or storage with our pump and piping, moving water to our Water Rig, where the processing begins.

Patented Technology by WaterFleet

The Water Rig processing service incorporates extensive patented treatment steps to ensure the water is always safe. We prove it by monitoring the system 24/7/365, logging important water quality parameters, and providing that data to you for your peace of mind.

Complete Water Delivery System

The WaterFleet potable water service addresses every human water need. Potable drinking water delivered under pressure, safe ice made from our water, a safety shower and eye wash, and a pressurized distribution system that meets Public Water System standards delivering clean safe water to every tap at your site.

The Water Rig answers environmental, social, and governance needs by preventing:

Contamination Concerns

Proven water treatment technology, managed by water experts provides assurance that our water is safe to use and drink.

Unsafe Site Conditions

Hauled-in water and compromised storage lead to workers facing unsafe water use. WaterFleet’s services remove this concern by processing water to verifiable drinking standards AND distributing through a safe piping network to ensure safety at the tap.

Compliance Concerns

No documentation on water quality can lead to non-compliance of regulatory standards. WaterFleet solves this with monitoring, data logging, testing, and reporting.

Plastic Trash Buildup

When companies cannot rely on the water supply, bottled water is often the fallback solution. Plastic bottle distribution often leads to difficult-to-control trash. The Water Rig service provides water directly to the worker so they can use their own drinking water container, dramatically reducing plastic use and the resulting trash.