Wastewater Treatment

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Worker illness

Unsafe site conditions
Compliance concerns

WaterFleet’s mobile waste water service can process sewage on-site and return a clean and chlorinated reuse-approved water stream.

What We Provide

Complete Sewage Management

WaterFleet can manage your complete sewage collection and processing needs for temporary locations.

Reduction of Cost and Risk From Hauling

If your only alternative is to pump sewage and haul it away, WaterFleet can replace that risk and cost with our on-site processing service.

Use and Reuse

On-site processing means you can upgrade your restrooms from port-a-potties to WaterFleet’s fully functional restrooms. WaterFleet also organizes all the permits and compliance to allow for reuse on your site, saving thousands of gallons per day.

The Process

Have a listen to how we put this system together on your site.