Handwashing: A Coming-of-Age Story

Sep 25, 2020 | Sanitation

The evolution of handwashing at remote work sites has led to new and innovative solutions that raise the quality of life of your workforce.

Washing your hands has always been a part of basic hygiene, and it is encouraged in the workplace to promote health and safety. Now, with COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, workers must have the capability to wash their hands frequently.  That is easy enough to accomplish at most workplaces, where bathrooms and running water are easily accessible.

It is more of a challenge at remote work sites.

Those who worked in these areas once had little choice for cleanliness beyond the most primitive of options.

Nowadays, there are more effective options. WaterFleet, for example, has created innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions to provide even the most remote workers with clean sanitation facilities that include handwashing stations.

However, let us take a look at the history of handwashing at remote work sites and how they can be handled at your work site today.

How Does Handwashing Save Lives?

Historically speaking, frequent handwashing has a relatively short history.

Only in the last 150 years have most people had access to clean water and soap. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that during that time-span, the average life expectancy went from less than 50 years of age to closer to 80.

Improvements in sanitation lessened the exposure to viruses and germs, increasing the quality of life for those in industrialized nations.

Some diseases have been almost eradicated in areas where safe access to clean water and other sanitation devices is adequate. Cholera is still the second leading cause of death in children under the age of five in areas of the world where clean water is a struggle, yet it is rare in the U.S.

At remote work sites, the history of handwashing is shorter.

Far too many work sites provided only the most primitive solutions for workers. As a result, diseases often spread unchecked through remote work sites. For example, hundreds of workers died of disease while building the Transcontinental Railroad

Even more recently, if handwashing was provided, the stale and contaminated water source  was often more unsanitary than skipping washing altogether. Water often had to be trucked into remote sites, and its use was primarily for drinking, with little spared for cleanliness.

Waterless hand cleaning was often the only option available. Waterless hand cleaners were designed to be a substitute when soap and water were not available, but they are less than ideal for remote work sites. In addition to germs and bacteria, those working at remote areas often have dirt, grease, and other debris on their hands.

And yes, the lives of those who worked at remote areas around the country had vastly improved thanks to innovative solutions in housing, water, and sanitation.

Still, there was more to be done.

The novel coronavirus has brought handwashing to the forefront of the national conversation, but WaterFleet recognized the importance of such necessities long before the pandemic.

Handwashing plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of disease, and WaterFleet helps facilitate handwashing by providing clean facilities with handwashing stations.

Is handwashing effective?

Soap and water are superior in cleaning debris, viruses, and bacteria.

Soap disrupts the bond between pathogens and the skin, not only neutralizing viruses and bacteria but physically removing them as well.

Twenty-seconds is the recommended time to wash your hands, as we have all been reminded by numerous public service announcements.

Before companies like Waterfleet started providing potable water at remote work sites, the water needed for workers to perform the simple act of adequate handwashing was not available in many areas.

Companies are taking the health and comfort of their workforce more seriously than ever, and WaterFleet helps them provide safe, clean facilities that promotes comfort, safety, and hygiene. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, and hydration and sanitation play a crucial role in keeping employees healthy.

WaterFleet is ready to deploy their services and solutions to your work site today. Contact us and raise the quality of life of your workforce.