Happy 10th Anniversary to the First Water Rig: Allison Lee

Oct 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

First Water Rig

At WaterFleet, we continue to explore innovative and sustainable solutions to provide clean, safe potable water even in the most challenging of situations. As we move into the future, we never forget the first Water Rig that started our mission: the Allison Lee.

During WaterFleet’s nascent years, our founder, Alan Pyle, was inspired by the growth of the Texas Eagle Ford Shale boom. When he learned that workers in the field had little or no access to potable water for drinking, handwashing or even safety showers, he knew there had to be a solution. Thus, the Water Rig was born.

Now, we deploy an effective fleet of rigs that cater to various industries including industrial construction sites, energy sites and emergency service camps throughout the country.

As we commemorate a decade of our Water Rig’s invaluable services, let’s take a trip down memory lane and celebrate this historic milestone in the company’s growth and social responsibility.

  • The first Water Rig was named Allison Lee for Co-founder and CFO Allison Pyle, Alan Pyle’s wife.
  • This one-of-a-kind solution was first deployed to a Texas oilfield site on October 21, 2013, and served continuously from that day until February of 2015 when it came home for a “spa treatment”.
  • Within 4 years of the first Water Rig, we celebrated the 100th Water Rig’s deployment.
  • Similar to naming a boat, every Water Rig has a meaningful lady’s name adorning the side…starting with the Allison Lee.

100th Water Rig

Ten years later, the importance of providing clean, safe and easily accessible potable water cannot be overstated. The Water Rig, a patented, self-contained water processing solution, ensures abundant verifiable potable water and ice are available on remote sites by eliminating harmful contaminants such as solids, bacteria, viruses, and spores through its multi-step treatment process.

Early this year, the Water Rig hit yet another milestone as it underwent a 3-day testing challenge with the National Sanitation Foundation. The NSF testing verified that our Water Rig system treats contaminated water to disinfection levels that meet or even exceed those established by boiling water. So, is the Water Rig Treatment System – Better than Boiling Water? The evidence speaks for itself.

Learn more about the Water Rig’s capabilities here: https://www.waterfleet.com/how-we-do-it/the-water-rig/